Hannah   Andrews   1850-1922

Hannah Andrews is born 9/5/1850 at 2 Garden Row Southwark to Charles Andrews Jnr, carpenter and Elizabeth Andrews [formerly Richards]. ‘Jun’, 1850, St. Saviour, ref.4.496.

B.c. BA0.

No baptism found on London Parish Records. Both she & her sister, Frances Andrews 1849, & her brother Frederick Thomas Andrews 1846, were born at 2 Garden Row. Her parents Charles Andrews and Elizabeth Richards were married in 1840. She is the youngest of  5 surviving [ but do not know whether any died- the other two being Charles Andrews 1842 & Elizabeth Andrews 1844] children.- no baptisms found for any of them.

2 Garden Row, St George, Southwark 2008

1851 Census.   The family is living at 2, Garden Row, St. George, Southwark.[The road has been redeveloped, but a number 2 still exists in 2008, altered over the years: position shown on map below]. All stated as born in St. George.

Charles Andrews 30   Carpenter.   b. St. George
Elizabeth     29   Artificial florist  b. Lambeth
Charles 9   [b.’Mar’ 1842]
Elizabeth M. 7    [b.’Mar’ 1844]
Fred. T     5    [b.’Jun’ 1846 . Garden Row from b.c.]
Frances R.  3    [b.’Mar’ 1849   Garden Row, from 1871C]]
Hannah                  1    [b.’Jun’ 1850   Garden Row, from 1871C]        
Anne Richards 19  sister-in-law  Artificial florist b. Lambeth
Thomas Nealewitness at marriage 29 chairmaker , lodger

1861 Census  Living in Lodge Cottage, Worth, Sussex.  Worth near Crawley Down. Her mother, Elizabeth, and eldest brother, Charles, are with her father’s parents in Southwark. All stated as born in Southwark. District 1c, page 12?

Charles Andrews . .head 40   Joiner     
Elizabeth M.     17    Governess
Frederick T. 15  No trade
Frances R  . 12 Sch.
Hannah          10   Sch.

I wonder if any school records exist for Worth.

worth map

A Worth Lodge is shown above, but also a lodge just above the upper road. The national school also shown

1861 Census. Following is summary for her mother Elizabeth and brother Charles, living, with her paternal grandparents, at 61, St. Georges Rd, Southwark.

Charles Andrews 81        Carpenter   b. Dorset, Leigh?
Margaret     80      b. Mddx. St. Lukes
Elizabeth      39    Toy maker        b. Lambeth
Charles    19     Toy maker        b. Southwark
And 2 lodgers.    

1862. Her brother, Charles Andrews, marries Annie Strange in registry office,‘Dec’,1862, St.George, Southwark.

1863. Her grandfather, Charles Andrews, dies in St.Georges Road. D.c. DA1. Maybe family returns from Worth at this time.

1865. Her eldest sister, Elizabeth Andrews , marries Thomas Brinkhurst in Crawley Down, Sussex..

1866. Her grandmother , Margaret Andrews, dies at 2 Union Street and her sister, Frances, of same address, is the informant. So, likely this is her address too. D.c.DA2. Union Street is the next parallel street to east of Garden Row.

1870Father, Charles Andrews , dies, 1/12/1870, aged 49, at 11, Hanover St. Newington, informant her brother Frederick of same address. D.c. DA3. So family definitely back from Worth.

This map shows both Hanover Street and Skipton/York Street where Hannah was living 1871-1901. Also Garden Row where she was born, St. Georges Road where her grandparents lived 1841-1863 & Union Street where her grandmother died in 1866

1871 Census. Living at 11, Hanover Street,[shown above on old map: no longer exists but was at N.end of Walworth Road, near Hampton Street & Newington Butts- bottom right], Newington.

Elizabeth M. Andrews 49  Widow. Wool toy maker  b. Lambeth
Frances H.   22  unm.  Wool toy maker  b.Garden Row, Southwark
Hannah 20   unm.  Wool toy maker  b.Garden Row, Southwark
William Markham   18  lodger. Writer & House Decorator. b.Brompton, Mddx   
Richard  Markham 21  lodger. Sign & Facia writer. B. Brompton, Middlesex
And another family of 3.    


1872. Sister, Frances Rebecca Andrews, marries William Markham‘Jun’, 1872

1873. Hannah Andrews gives birth to Maud Marion Andrews 19/10/1873 at 11, Hanover St. Newington. Birth Certificate BA1.This is where the family were living in 1871. No father given. No baptism found.

1873, Maud Marion Andrews was vaccinated against smallpox on 29/11/1873 - ~ 6 weeks old - fiche in Southwark Archives

1875. There is a baptism of Angelina Elizabeth Andrews in Camden in 1875,[ who does indeed die aged 0, Pancras], mother Hannah Andrews' address being Workhouse: could this be her 3rd child mentioned in 1911C? But there is a Hannah Andrews born in St. Pancras in 1843, others in 1845 &1850, so unlikely!. Camden is far from Newington.

1881Census. Living at 16, Draper Street, Newington.[no longer exists but in the same area, to the north , as Hanover Street,1871C- Drapers A.H. shown on map above]

Elizabeth Andrews  59 widow  Toy Manufacturer   b. Lambeth
Hannah   30 Daughter  Toy maker  b. Southwark
Maud. M. Granddaughter Scholar  b. Newington

1883.  Hannah Andrews gives birth to Jessie Andrews in the Union, ChristChurch, Workhouse, Marlboro Street,[ this off New Cut, shown on my Old Ordnance Survey Map, Waterloo & Southwark 1872. A long way from Bermondsey Square or Draper Street!] on 28/06/1883. Birth Certificate BA2. Hannah, a domestic servant, is living at 50, Bermondsey Square, Bermondsey [still exists, but number 50 had ceased to exist by 1881 - 45 the highest number - & in 1871 & 1891, so I feel it never existed!: this is quite a move from Draper Street, but she is back there, 16 Draper Street, when she marries the following year: so I suspect her mother, Elizabeth, lived there, Draper Street, 1881-1884, when she registers the birth on 23/07/1883. Also have the Workhouse entry for her, which shows her admission on Monday 26/06/1883 as also registered with an alias of Anne Anderson, as is her discharge 3 weeks - 20/23 July, seemingly a Monday - later. Interesting that the Workhouse did not have the means of registering births officially, although her birth is shown on a register there: of the 10 births there Jan-Jun 5 are illegitimate.. Could Anderson be the name of Jessie's father???. Hannah was admitted from the parish of St. George: I wonder if Jessie was baptised in a church there?; but seemingly not - not in London Parish Records, Ancestry. The Workhouse Admission Record record says Hannah is a charwoman, born 1854. Jessie was also vaccinated against smallpox in the Workhouse on 23/7/1883, so this must have been the discharge date



bermondsey-sq-1866. bermondsey square .

Bermondsey Square 1866 & 2010

1884.  Marries her cousin, John Sullivan, on 18/11/1884 in St. Saviour Register Office. Her father is given as Charles Andrews, carpenter, deceased. His as David Sullivan,  builder, deceased. Both their addresses are given as 16, Draper St., Newington.[ This is where she was living with her mother in 1881C. He was living at her sister’s [Frances Markham] in 1881 at 72, Crampton St [this is very close by, just south of Hampton Street on above map]., Newington.] Witnesses are J. A. Wells and Robert Roberts. m.c MS2. She gives her age as 30: she is in fact 34.  Her younger daughter, Jessie, has assumed Sullivan as a surname by 1891, but Maud stays as an Andrews.


This m.c states 'by certificate': this phrase would be found on a marriage entry in a register office marriage register or in a non-conformist marriage register. It shows that the couple waited 3 weeks between giving notice and getting married. Marriage between cousins does not seem to have been forbidden, not even now!


Southwark Registry Office where Jessie Andrews married John Sullivan - photo 2010


Tree showing that Hannah & John were first cousins

There is a birth of a John Sullivan St.Saviour Sep 1885 1d 60: could this possibly be her child who died the same quarter 1d 35.[ mentioned in 1911C] .No baptism for this child

1891 Census. Living at  12, York Street[ shown on above map, just west of Alfred Place on Elephant & Castle junction], Southwark ,in a 4 rooms.

John Sullivan 35  head  P. house decorator  b. St. George, Southwark
Hannah     40 b. St. George, Southwark
Jessie 7      daughter   b. St. George, Southwark
Elizabeth Andrew m.in.law   69  Toy maker  b. Lambeth
Maud Marion Andrew     17   niece Toy maker  b. Newington, Lambeth

1892.  Husband, John, dies, House Painter Journeyman, aged 36,13/1/1892 at 12 York Street of Diabetes Coma. - d.c DS1. Life would have been hard for Hannah, with 8 year old Jessie to support, from this time, and particularly after her mother, Elizabeth Andrews, died in 1895, until she went to live with daughter, Maud [White], maybe in 1909, when Jessie married. John is buried in Tower Hamlets Cemetery: Hannah will also be buried there 30 years later!

1894.  Daughter, Maud Marion Andrews, 21, marries George White, 2/12/1894, St. Saviour

1895. Her mother, Elizabeth Andrews dies 2/02/1895, aged 74, at 12, Skipton St.[York St. renamed] of Bronchitis Cardiac Debility, informant being Hannah's brother, Charles Andrews, of 28, Runham Street, Walworth. DA4. Presumably Hannah, now widowed, and Jessie, only 11, were still living with her in Skipton Street. Her half-sister, Maud, husband & first child were also living there at least until April 1895. Maybe her widowed sister, Frances Markham, who was living at 30 York[ renamed Skipton] Street in 1891C, and was really struggling, having been widowed in 1883 with 4 small children, 2 of who were in 'homes' in 1891, moved in with them when Maud & George White moved out 1895-1899.

Skipton Street in 1904: Southwark Archives

1901 Census. Living at 12, Skipton St[ this is York St.,renamed; does not exist today,but it was just to the west of Newington Causeway & above is a photo of it then], Southwark with elder sister, Frances, and 4 of their joint children. . The 6 of their household have 4 rooms: 2 other families, 6 people, are in another 4 rooms..

Frances R Markham 52 widow.  Fur toy maker
Hannah Sullivan  50   sister.    Fur toy maker
Jessie  Sullivan  17  niece.  Paper packer
Percival C.Markham 21  son.   Messenger
Edith C. Markham 20  daut.   Book binder
Isabella G Markham 19 daut.    Paper packer

1909.  14/2/1909  Daughter, Jessie Sullivan, marries William John Lyons in Bethnal Green. Why here?

1911C. Living with daughter Maud Marion White and her family, in Southwark, in 4 rooms in 10 Darwin Street. Hannah Sullivan, wife's mother, 60, Fur Toy maker, own account home. Notice that it says she has had 3 children, 1 of whom has died!: I wonder if this was before or after her marriage to cousin John Sullivan in November 1884. ? 19 Sullivan babies died aged 0 in St. Olaves 1884-1891! and 14 Andrews babies aged 0 between 1874 & 1882. Doubt if we will ever know!!! The Census also gives her as married for 20 years, but she married in 1884, so this somewhat inaccurate! Joan White, Maud's grand daughter remembers hearing that Maud used to make the "frames" for the toys that Hannah produced which then had skins and fur sown over them. Apparently they were very good quality, might even have been sold in Harrods she felt.


1912.. William, Jessie and infant Hilda Lyons move into first floor of 10 Darwin Street


~1916, Hannah moves with her son in law William Lyons & family to 21 Darwin Street - above

1918-1921 Recorded in the Electoral Roll Books at 21 Darwin Street as Anna Sullivan

1922 , when , she died, aged 71, on 10/02/1922 at 21, Darwin St., Southwark.  Her other daughter Maud White, of 10 Darwin St., was present at the death. Cause of death was: 1] Chronic Bronchitis & 2] Cardiac failure. She is given as the widow of John Sullivan, house painter. d.c.DS1.  So, her 2 oldest grandchildren by Jessie -- Hilda and Eva -- should have remembered her. They would have been ~12 & 10 at her death. JL had tried very hard to find out where she was buried - without success until in February 2018 he found Hannah, and also her husband John before her, 1892, buried in Tower Hamlets Cemetery: this north of the river. Her grave in an area of public graves (up to 8 persons in each). Most of the headstones are missing but a few survive to confirm the approximate dates.  The two photos are the best IJohn could do to capture the general area.The cemetery was originally privately owned until 1966 when the company became bankrupt.  It was then taken into the care of the GLC who wanted to demolish all the headstones and clear the site for a park. There was a great fuss made about this and so they locked the gates and left it for 30 years! Now a trust has been set up to look after the site but with only three staff, they rely on volunteers mainly: it is designated a nature park.

Hannah Sullivan, died 10.2.1922, buried 16/2/1922 in square 48/58 grave number R01810


tow-ham1 . tow-ham2


The Cemetery shut in 1966 and is now a park

Summary of where she lived.

Letter from Tower Hamlets cemetery. 25/2/2018

Thank you for your enquiry.  Firstly, for general information about researching graves you may find it useful to access the “Heritage” tab on our website : www.fothcp.org.

Meanwhile, I can tell you that:

Re: grave of John Sullivan -  we can’t  help at this stage without a grave no.  because (as you’ll see from  point “b)” below) all our detailed records went to the London Metropolitan Archives (LMA) when the Cemetery closed to burials in 1966.

Re: grave of Hannah Sullivan - grave  no. Ro1810 which you give indicates a public grave in Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park, though it may be difficult to find because:

  1. Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park covers an area of 30+ acres and grave nos. are not necessarily in sequence.
  2. All our detailed records, whether for public or private graves,  went to the London Metropolitan Archives when the Cemetery closed to burials and became a public open space in 1966; we do have some records of our own, built up gradually over the years by our volunteer Heritage Team since the  “Friends” took over management of the Park in 1990, but these records are patchy.
  3. Many memorials have become damaged/illegible over the years and, in the case of public graves, there may never have been a memorial; also, public graves contain the remains of more than one person, usually unrelated, and even if a memorial was erected, the inscription may not record the names of all people buried there.

Having said all that, such records as we have indicate that grave Ro 1810 is possibly in:

  1. i)                    part of the  Cemetery known as “Memorial Glade”;  or,
  2. ii)                   another part near Memorial Glade known as “Plane Wood”. 

If you wish to come into the Cemetery Park, someone from the Soanes Centre office (tel: 020 8983 1277) can try to help you locate the site, though please give us several days’ notice of date/time you intend to call in.  Alternatively, you’d be welcome to join our Heritage Team on one of their “2nd Sunday of month” afternoon research sessions.  Their next session is due on Sunday 11 March, when they’ll meet at 2pm at the Soanes Centre, which is just to the right inside the main gate of the Cemetery Park in Southern Grove, E3, not far from Mile End tube station (turn right out of station, then 2nd right again into S. Grove  -  the main gate to the Cemetery Park is about half-way down on l.h.s.).

Yours sincerely, Angela

(Angela Silvester, Office Volunteer, Friends of Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park)


Charles Andrews

John Sullivan

Family fan chart