Mary Frost 1800 - 1886.

1800. Genes Reunited has two trees (Susan Wordley & Keith Frost) showing a Mary Frost born 13/10/1800 in Sudbury, baptised 15/10/1800 in St. Gregory's, Sudbury [from Keith] with ancestors back to the 1600s, shown on tree above - I have satisfied myself that this is our Mary. Think her birth is also in IGI. Sudbury was & is in Suffolk.

st.Gregorys Sudbury .sudbury

St. Gregory's Church where Mary Frost was baptised 1800.

1818. Aug 6.Braintree Joseph Bennett, bachelor, of this parish, & Mary Frost, spinster, of this parish, were married by banns, with consent of the parents. Both gave their mark. Witnesses were Seth Scott & John Collier. This indicates that Mary was already resident in Braintree, maybe as a servant or in the weaving industry since weaving was a part of both Sudbury & Braintree. . Also that both of them were under 21. Mary was born in Sudbury, which is 15 miles from Braintree. Could the Frosts have been weavers in Sudbury - see press articles on Earlier Frost page - and this is what drew Mary Frost to Braintree??

Earlier Frosts.

From here her life parallels that of Joseph. until she dies, aged 86, of senile decay, still in Manor Road, Braintree [here from 1871], 25/9/1886. Braintree Burials for 1872 onwards not held by the ERO.


Puzzle over who is the grandson, W.R. Clarke, is on her husband's page,


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