Elizabeth Jesper  1785-1845


Mary Judd maybe baptised in Little Canfield in 1688 to Henry & Mary Judd.

Born in Great Easton in 1785, baptised 29/5/1785 [born 12/3/1785 - image 23] to parents James Jesper 1759-1833 and Elizabeth Surrey 1756?-1842, having 9 siblings born 1781 to 1802.

She marries George Mead 31/07/1807 in Great Easton. - image 34 of D/P 232/1/2A

geastonchurch .great-easton

Her mother is the Elizabeth Jesper, 85, living at Easton End, G.Easton in 1841C with William Jesper, 19, and Alfred  Jesper , 42. This Elizabeth dies in Sep 1842 Dunmow 12.63, actually 20/8/1842, under the name of Elizabeth Jasper; she would have been born c. 1756. Seems too old for Alfred to be a son, and he does not seem to be from Jesper records from Terence Jasper who contacted me in Jan 2010 with the Jesper/Jasper family tree stretching back in Great Easton to 1631.

From here her life history is given on George Mead's page.

1808. 24/9/1808 Mary Mead baptised to George & Elizabeth in G.D. - D/P 11/1/4, image 12. She is not with the family on 1841C, but her illegimate daut., Jane Mead, born 1838 is on it & living with her grandparents. Have Jane's b.c. BM1 and the birth has been registered by Elizabeth Mead, grandmother.

1811. Susannah Mead was baptised to them 31/3/1811. Register blurred but seems to say this

1812 -1814. Seemingly no other baptisms to George & Elizabeth in G.D.

1815. 12/11/1815 George Mead baptised in G.D., father labourer to George & Elizabeth. - D/P 11/1/7, image 12. [Possibility that there could have been 2 George & Elizabeth couples giving birth at this time??]. Again he is not with the family on 1841C, but ~26 by then.

1816. Charlotte Mead born. No baptism found [maybe baptised back in Great Easton] but she appears on 1841C, so most likely a child of George & Elizabeth, but could be a niece?. A Charlotte Mead was baptised to a John & Mary in 1813, & another to John & Sarah 10/9/1815! And there is a death of a Charlotte Mead, aged 46, in August 1861 in Star Lane ,G.D., who could be this Charlotte never married. Indeed this Charlotte, unmarried, 43, is living as a boarder with John & Mary Tyler on Star Hill, G.D. in the 1861C. just before her death , ref.'Sep' 1861 Dunmow 4a.222. Have this d.c. DM3 but it does not give her father. Might the Church Burial record give it? D/P 11/1/31 - no, just says buried on 15/8/1861, aged 46

1818.1/11/1818 Louisa Mead baptised in G.D., father labourer, to George & Elizabeth -D/P 11/1/7, image 23.

1821 Census Return D/P 11/18/33 - not digitised - for G.D. May 28 1821. This gives a George Mead, 41-50, [ if born 1780, actually 51 in 1821!] with a male child 5-10[ fits George 1815], a female 31-40[ fits wife Elizabeth, 1784], 2 females 11-15[ fits Mary 1808 & Susannah 1811], a female 5-10 [could just fit Charlotte] and a female <5[ fits Louisa]. Other Meads in this census fit George's parents, Thomas,1748, & Sarah, and an Uncle George 1756, brother of Thomas.

1821. 29/7/1821 Thomas Mead baptised in G.D., father labourer , to George & Elizabeth. - D/P 11/1/7, image 35

1824.18/1/1824, James Mead baptised in G.D., father labourer, to George & Elizabeth . D/P 11/1/7, image 45

1827. A John Mead baptised 30/4/1827 to George & Mary Mead - image 59 . Then a Jonathan Mead baptised 9/9/1827 to George & Mary Mead [ who had a Joseph in 1821 & a George in 1823]- image 60. So is this a recording mistake and one of these was to George & Elizabeth? I would think so.

James certainly has a brother 'John' on 1861C. It is seemingly irrelevant which of John & Jonathan belonged to George & Elizabeth, But likely the John, as called this in 1841C & in 1861C, and only appears as John athan in 1871C.

1833. Great Dunmow Poor Rates give a George Mead in a cottage of value £2.15s & a tenement in Braintree Road of like value on which to pay rates. It is possible that this is our George as all his children have just been born in Dunmow, and Braintree Road is where he dies in 1852, but there are also George & Mary and George & Anne around. .

1840. Louisa Mead marries."Dec" ,ref.12.157, actually 10/10/1840 , to James Branch (I  had paired the other 3 couples, on the marriage entry, off). She is 21, he 37, labourer. Her father George Mead, his William Branch, both labourers. Witnesses are Charlotte Mead, her sister, and Isaac ?Nunney?. All sign with their mark. I cannot find any reference to Louisa Branch in 1841 or 1861 C.. A James Branch, 35, labourer, is in Chelmsford Gaol in 1841C

1841 Census. Living in East Street, Gt. Dunmow.  All born Essex. (Great Dunmow District 4, p8 of 13)

George  Mead  61   Ag. Lab
Charlotte  24  


John  12  
Jane  2  

Note that the above Jane was the illegitimate grand-daughter born to Mary Mead, on 3 Nov 1838 (have birth certificate).

Thomas is missing from this: he was a servant at Little Easton Rectory

1845. Elizabeth Mead, 60, buried, Mar 9 in G.D.-D/P 110/1/10. Died 3/03/1845, G.D., 60, wife of George Mead labourer, of Acute Bronchitis, Sarah Archer was informant. Have d.c DM1.

Deatyh cert Elizabeth Jesper

Looked up this Sarah Archer, with no result!.

1851 Census. Does not exist for their area.

1852. George Mead died 4/9/1852. Have d.c.DM2

Earlier Jespers.


Other Bmd 'Dunmow' death records Charles 1853, John 1858, Alfred 1865, Harriet, 80 ,1880 & William, 84, 1899 have the name written as Jasper. Just two, John 1843 & Elizabeth, 82, 1885, are written as Jesper . Also 'Dunmow' marriages: Charlotte 1846, Alfred 1850, Frances 1854 & William 1860 .

Other Jesper families in Great Easton in 1841C.:

Ann 37, Julius 16, Wallis 14, William 11, Mary 9 & Charles 5 , p. 11 of 11, living at Duton Hill . This is the family of Moses Jesper, 1800-1834, who was the brother of Elizabeth 1787 and the gggrandfather on Terence. William 11 was the ggrandfather of Terence . Who was the father of Charles 5??, given that Ann's husband Moses 1800 had died in 1834- though could still be Moses.

John 45, Harriet 40, Frances 10, Charles 6, Eliza 4 ,Emma 1, p. 9 of 11, living Duton Hill. This is John 1795,[d.1858?] a younger brother of Elizabeth's.

Also, Samuel 65, Lucy 6, living in Stebbing.

[Have found a complete Jesper family on IGI, at Drygoods Farm, Purleigh, but the date of their Eliz. does not match.]

George Mead

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