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A better picture exists in 'Bermondsey & Rotherhithe remembered' on page 90

1891C. 2 Hanover Buildings was home to Catherine Lyons [Lions] , age 61, widow of Stephen . Living with her were son, Stephen, 32, single, labourer Waterside, and daughter, Elizabeth, 27, single, bookfolder. They did not stay there long, maybe because son Stephen moved out to live with Mary Ann Magee. Probably only there from ~ late 1890 until Feb 1892 at the most. Cannot find Catherine nor Stephen in London Electoral Rolls 1890-1892, either here or elsewhere.

It was a brand new Tenement block, still standing but somewhar altered, and now known as Devon Mansions, 2008: built as one of the projects of James Hartnoll, a speculative builder of working class housing. Interestingly, he named all his first four projects after German towns: but they were all renamed in 1917 when his only son ,James, was killed in military service. Unlike Peabody, he seems to have developed housing more as a commercial venture than a philanthropic one. Hanover Buildings is in Tooley Street.

Hanover Buildings, now Devon Mansions, has never belonged to PeabodyTrust. The flats were constructed by James Hartnoll, who built a largenumber of working-class dwellings in London, on both sides of theThames, in the latter part of the 19th century.

The external appearance of Hartnoll's properties does resemble Peabody's in some ways, so it is understandable when people assume they are something to do with Peabody Trust, although there is in fact no connection. Information about James Hartnoll is not plentiful, but Christine Wagg sent me a copy of a short article about him: have this somewhere!



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