Lucy Alice Fedden 1890-1961


Elizabeth Parchment 1920s?

1890. Lucy Alice Fedden born at 31, Bonner Street, B.G. 14/9/1890. William Fedden, father a railway checker. Mother Elizabeth Parchment Lynne's book which I have. Baptised 5/10/1890 at St. Johns B.G., address on that being 30 Bonner Street, & father given as Scalesman. Godparent was Lucy Jewshorn.


Her siblings who survived infancy were:

1891C. Lucy Fedden, 6mths, living with her parents, William J Fedden 47, railway porter, & Elizabeth Fedden 28, & 3 siblings at 30 Bourne Street, Bethnal Green. All born B.G. Could Bourne actually be Bonner??

1901C. Lucy Fedden 10, , living with parents William Fedden 54, railway porter, & Elizabeth Fedden 38, & 4 siblings in 4 rooms at 23 Hamilton Road. Charlotte[Lottie] 17 and Maud 15 were Gum Sorters, and William A. was a Hatter

1903. Her father, ,William James Fedden , died 'Mar' 1903, aged 56: how did her mother, Elizabeth, cope?

1904. Her mother Elizabeth Fedden remarried, aged 45, Thomas Samuel Causton, aged 58[actually ~67]. Her address 21 Bruely/Brierly?? Street, B.G..

1911C, Lucy Alice Feddon 20, domestic in Feather Mill is living in 3 rooms at 53 Median Road, Lower Clapton, Hackney with her mother Elizabeth Causton, 48, married 7 years, 1 child, 1died, step-father Thomas Samuel Causton, 73, no occupation,, together with siblings Florance Maud Feddon 9 & Maud Elizabeth Feddon, 25, cook restaurant.


Have I omitted 4 previous children of Thomas Causton from this -No.

1912. Lucy Alice Fedden, [often called Alice] married, aged 22, eiderdown filler, James Parker, 22, motor driver, 10/11/1912, in All Saints Clapton. One of the witnesses was Maud Elizabeth Fedden, an older sister, born 1885. . . Both addresses 75 Median Road Clapton [this was her mother's 1911C address]. His father, Edwin Parker, was a cabinet maker; hers, William James Fedden, a checker, LN Western Railway.


Lucy met Jim at a fair on Wanstead Flats. He was born 22/7/1890. By 12/12/1912 Lucy & Jim had moved to 80 Peckham Park Road[ from postcards], and from there, a year later to 8 Lewis Road ,Welling.

1914. Jim, at 24, was sent to France early on in the war, on 14/9/1914 from his medal card. . As his occupation was a bus driver he was sent to the front as an ambulance driver. The first wartime postcard from Jim to Lucy is dated 10/11/1914 . During the time he was away the postcards show that Lucy was very lonely and often unwell

jim-1 . .jim-2 .medal-index-parker

1916. Lucy has moved back near her family: a 23/2/1916 postcard is addressed to 82 Lichfield Road, Coburn Road Bow. Jim's family the Haswells were living at 71 Lichfield Road.

1924. Lucy ,after having 2 stillborn boys [no birth record, but reputed to be over 10lb each in weight!] had Alice[Queenie] Parker , 26/04/1924, by Caesarian birth. Lucy was very ill and confined to the hospital for 6 weeks, and Jim's family, the Haswells, in Lichfield Road looked after Alice.

"In 1924 I was born and she was very ill as I was a ceasarian birth which was uncommon at that time 1924 she remained in hospital  for quite awhile and I was cared for by one of my dads aunts.After this my parents were told my mother should not have any more children so I ended up an only child. My mother had 2 babies before me but both died at birth very sad because in those days they never got to even hold their babies to say goodbye something my dear Mum was very sad about for many years. After this she had a fairly quiet life bringing me up and spoiling me lots because she said I was all she had  and at times I felt she couldnt let me out of her sight but the war put a stopto that. She didnt have a very exciting life between the years you mention just a loving homemaker & housewife & a lovely lovely Mum. She loved to visit her sisters which we did as often as we could: they didn't live thar far away in those days." - from Alice, 2011.

1961 Lucy A Parker died Jun 1961 Stepney, aged 70.

1974 Jim Parker died.

1942. , Lucy's only child, Alice Parker, alias Queenie, married Ernest Reginald Brigden [b.8/08/1920] , 21/02/1942, and Alice & Ernest had 2 children, Lynne Brigden 1947, and Martin James Brigden 1950. Queenie & husband were still alive in 2008:, but sadly Ernie died 10/1/2010. Lynne Brigden married David Amis in 1969 and had 2 children - Michael Amis born in 1971 and Nichola Amis born in 1973. Nichola has 2 girls, Megan Amis born in 1996 and Leah Amis born in 1999. Lynne divorced and remarried Chris Cook in 1994. Martin married Jane and they had Sarah, 1980 & Katie ,1984. I am in touch with Lynne[Cook] , as well as with Queenie.The story of Queenie's name: she was with Jim's family/aunts - the Haswells - after she was born due to Lucy being so ill after the birth. The little girl in the family had a china baby doll called Queenie which got broken & she was very upset. Her mother told her that they had a real baby to look after so they called the baby (Alice) Queenie after the doll. Thereafter all of the family called her Queenie.

Info. from Queenie's daughter, Lynne. Mum has some amazing postcards that were written to Lucy, known more as Alice before she married Jim, they range from 1911 through to 1923. It appears as if she, Lucy, was often unwell and suffered depression and loneliness whilst Jim was in the 1st world war. He wrote her frequent cards from the front & mentions letters, which we don't now have. She was often staying with Lottie and Maude & had cards addressed to her at their homes. Mum said she suffered 2 still born boys in 1920 and 1922 before she had her[ no obvious b.cs] in 1924. . She & Mum were also very ill when she was born & Lucy was unable to look after her for 6-8 weeks after birth so family looked after her. Lucy had about 6 addresses on the cards & I will list them out & let you know where she was before she got married in case it ties in with anything you have for Elizabeth.

Mum also has another mystery as she recalls very strongly a family which is not in your tree and she says[wrongly] were not her father's side. She does not recall seeing Lottie, Bill, Maude or her grandmother as often as the ones who looked after her when she was born and I cannot think who they are. She recalls - Aunt Charlotte, Aunt Agnes & Uncle Charlie Haswell ( & son Charlie) , Uncle Jo, a Great Grandad & Mary Ann. We have several photos of them & I'll send you one if I can sort out the scanning. I will have to try & work out some dates as she was only young, 8 ish when she remembers visiting a lot & they were obviously a lot older, aunt to grandparent ages. It was this family who called her Queenie as she did not have a name when they took care of her. I wondered if they were friends, but it would seem unlikely a close friend would take on such a charge don't you think? At one time they lived at 82 Lichfield Road whilst Aunt Agnes & the rest lived at 71 Lichfield Road, Coburn.

Mum was born in St Barts, I'll check the last address on the 1923 postcard to see if I can work out where Lucy & Jim were at the time. Mum said they moved to the new housing in Dagenham when she was a baby.

Postcards 1913 onwards in Queenie's possessions include1. the Haswells and their addresses, 2. Elizabeth Fedden[Parchment] to daughter Lucy[Alice], 3. Husband Jim from France to his wife, Lucy.

Queenie could get the war record for her father, Jim. . . . . . explains how Field Ambulances functioned. might help explain Jim's medal card.

I did work out, late 2008, the relationship of the Haswells to the Parkers, and informed Queenie of this. Also found a Haswell descendant, John, on Genes whose mother & uncle, Irene & Brian Haswell, remembered Queenie. Charles Haswell, 1896, was a cousin of Queenie's father, Jim Parker

Lynne did a wonderful photobook for Queenie's 85th birthday, recording the story of her life and some of her ancestors; she has sent me photocopies of this.

Lucy Fedden & sister? Florence?
Lucy Fedden
. . .Lucy Fedden[on right]and friend in a photographic studio, on holiday in Southend?
.Wedding of Lucy & Jim Parker 1912
After the wedding - not their baby!
. Lucy & Jim - circa1920?
8 Lewis Street ; Lucy & Jim lived in 1912 & Lucy during the early days of the WW1-Lucy on left. c1928 . ..Lucy Fedden, husband Jim Parker, daughter Alice (Queenie), 1924.  


FloFedden/ Mirams, daut.Joan, Lucy & Alice,1942 . Alice as a baby?, Jim , Lucy & friends on holiday . Flo [Fedden]& Bert Mirams & daut. Joan,1942
.Alice Parker, 1925
. Alice Parker . . . circa 1935 .
Alice Parker - circa 1942
Alice [centre?] & Lucy[rt.] on an annual holiday
Alice, aged 14
Alice & Ernie Brigden marriage 1942



Queenie centre in 2010, daughter Lynne on the right of photo, Carol Keam on left. Carol & Lynne 3rd cousins

Queenie's 2011 memories of her childhood - for which many thanks

Yes I do remember my mother's brother & sisters very well. We used to visit them often.My grandma[ Elizabeth] seems to have had quite a life.I remember her vaguely. Always a very clean smart old lady. My aunt Lot was a lovely person, a real cockney with a heart of gold. We used to visit her often when I was a child. Used to see a lot of my Aunt Flo.

We never saw much of my aunt Maud & family or my Uncle Bill & family.We used to see quite a lot of my Aunt flo & aunt Lot. By the way we always knew her husband as uncle Jack but I think his name was John: they were a lovely family quite poor but very generous with what little they had .We used to have some really great family parties at xmas with them - so many children we used to sleep (or try to ) 6 in a bed toe to head. My aunt Flo and her family were also pretty poor but we visited quite often as they lived fairly close to us. We used to take our tea and bits & bobs with us to help out with the tea.Not that we were all that well off but we managed fairly well or my dear old Mum did. Sadly I dont keep in touch wth my cousin Maudie much

I try to keep in touch with uncle Bills daughter but she is very deaf and can't really use the phone so again we just seem to keep in touch at xmas .My aunt Lot's daughter is still alive in a nursing home she is now in her 100s: that's Alice my namesake. Sadly one of Aunt Flo's sons passed away recently - he was 79. I am in touch with Aunt Flo's family more via the computer or via phone .My mother, Lucy, was always very close to her sister Flo so we have been closer to them although none of them live very near for us to visit. We used to manage an occasional visit when Ernie could take me, but not now that I am on my own .

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