Susannah Perry 1842 – 1899.


1842. Born 5/09/1842 to James Perry, labourer, and Sarah Owers in Stebbing. Baptised 2/10/1842 at Stebbing. Father, James Perry, given as labourer Have b.c.BPE1


Known siblings:

1847.Her mother, Sarah Perry, dies, aged 32. She, Susannah, is only 5, her younger sister just 2. Her father does not seem to have remarried, but he could have done and then the 2nd wife dies before 1861. Did grandparents, Joseph Perry still alive in the village, help James look after his young family?

1851 Census. The 1851 census has not survived for Stebbing.

1861 Census. Living in the ‘Village’, Stebbing. All born Stebbing.

James Perry  53  widower  Labourer
Joseph    21  son Labourer
Susannah   18 daughter  Housekeeper
Mather 16  daughter  Scholar 


1863.Susannah Perry marries, aged 20, William Turner, 22, on 13/04/1863 in Parish Church of Stebbing.  Her father, James Perry, is given as Labourer, as is his, Ezekiel Turner.  Witnesses are Alfred and Jane Gowers{Staines}-who married in 1862..   Have m.c.MT2.


1865.  Only child George Turner born at Tanners, Stebbing 14/08/1865. Birth reg. on 15/09/1865. Have b.c BT3Father given as Farm Laborer


1871 Census.  Living at  Tanners, Stebbing. All born in Stebbing

William Turner 30  Ag. Lab.(Turner is wrongly transcribed as ‘James’)
Susan    28  
George   5 scholar
James Perry 60  (f-in-law)   Ag. Lab.


1881 Census.    Living at Bran End, Stebbing.  All born in Stebbing.

William  Turner  40   Grocer & chicken worker
Susan     38  
George   15  
Joseph 37 brother.  Ag. Lab.


So it would seem that William & Susan only had 1 child (or only 1 that survived the first 10 years of life). This was very unusual for the times.

1891 Census.   Living at Carter’s Farm, Bardfield Rd. Stebbing

William Turner  50  Farmer
Susan  48  
  William G 1   (grandson) b. Lindsell.


1899   1/06/1899  Susan Turner dies, aged 58, at Duck End, Stebbing. Cause of Death: Mitral Disease 10 months.The mitral valve connects the 2 left heart chambers. Informant was Julia Little of Bran End. Have d.c DT2 . . Family living at Duck End Farm/Carters Farm from around 1882, so feel this is where she died. Not buried in Stebbing or Lindsell C. of E. churches. Seemingly no Burial Records for this period for the Cong. Church. Methodist Church??. No Probate


Her sister Martha, who married  William Barker in 1863,  & was widowed  in 1870,  lived in Stebbing until her death in 1893.

For maps and photos of where she lived see William Turner & George Turner.

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