Elizabeth Anne Rousell  1838 – 1903


Elizabeth Anne Rousell [prob. just widowed from husband Francis Robinson] with her grand-daughters c.1890, so aged~52.

1838 Elizabeth Anne Roussell was born 7/02/1838 in Barham Bridge, Kent. Have b.c. She was a twin as time of birth, 2 p.m., is recorded on b.c. I thought her twin was George [listed on previous page, 24, of Birth entries]. But, he is not listed in the 1841C., nor is there a death listed of a similar sounding George in the intervening 3 years. But, 2011, have just discovered that a George was born Bekesbourne to a William Rouselll ~ 1838, he being aged 13 in 1851C, so just a coincidence that he is on the next page of Bridge births for this quarter, Bridge covering both Bekesbourne & Barham. Elizabeth's twin must have died at birth, and as such, there is no b.c nor d.c for him/her. Parents James Rousell & Mary, formerly Vanson [ but Vanson was actually the name of her former husband: her maiden name was actually West!]. Father given as Labourer. Her baptism was 25/6/1838 in Barham


1841 Census. Living in Dissington Street, Barham. [page 9 of District 3 -not indexed!]. All born Kent.

James Rowsell  40 Shepherd
Mary    43  
Ellen           12  
William 10  
Susannah      7  
Elizabeth 3  
Jemima     1     
Robert Vanson   22   Ag.lab. [He is a son from Mary's first marriage to John Vanson, before her marriage to James]

[ a 60 yr. old Sarah Vanson is living in Eastry with Frances, 20. Could Sarah be Mary's mother? And if Frances is her daughter, then Robert could be a son and therefore a brother of Mary. Also Stephen & Joseph Vansons ,both 40, in Barham who could be siblings of Mary --search IGI for Vanson: have done this and they are not-parents are George & Sarah! But Frances is b.1817 and Mary is b.1798], both to Walter Vanson & Mary?. So, is Sarah an aunt & Stephen & Joseph cousins? - this is all rubbish now that I know Mary was born Mary West, but these Vansons could possibly be related to Mary's dead husband, John Vanson]

1851 Census in Deringstone, Barham. [page 7 of District 6b.]

James Rousell  50   Farm Labourer.  b. Alkham [5m.W of Dover]
Mary   54   b.Barham
Elizabeth 12   b. Barham
Ellen E.   22  b. Tilmanstone.

Also an 80yr.old Richard Rousell, blind, on same page. Could he be James' father? And he then died, aged 84, 2a.306, 1853 'Bridge'.

[ & Robert Vanson is now married & living Barham. He married 1843 -- have his m.c. ]

1857. Her elder sister, Susannah Jane Rouselle, m. Alfred Lewis, Mar 1a.287 St.Geo.,Hanover Square Not in Protestant London records. She is a witness at Elizabeth's marriage the following year.

1858. Elizabeth Annie Rousell marries, age 19, Francis Robinson, in Parish Church of Shelley on 7/10/1858. Professions: his as Butler, hers as blank, his father, Francis, as Cattle Dealer,& her father, James, as Farming Bailiff. Witnesses are Susanna Jane Lewis & William Rousell, 2 siblings of Elizabeth. Have m.c.MRou1. How did the two come to be be in Essex?, presumably both working as servants for families that had connections with Kent & Oxfordshire.


A family myth, told me by my mother [presumably told to her or to her mother by Elizabeth's daughter, Ellen Annie Robinson 1861-1928], was that Elizabeth, a lady of higher social status, had run off with the groom. Well, Francis had indeed been a groom but, apart from this one ref. to Elizabeth's father as a farming bailiff, her family seemed roughly of equal rank, low. Perhaps James Rousell was doing really well at this period of his life, but he had started off as a shepherd ,1841, was a farm labourer in 1851, then a servant & shepherd both in 1861 & 1871, before dying in the workhouse.!

From here until 1890 her life mirrors that of Francis Robinson 1834.

1859 Walter Harry Lewis Robinson born 4/10/1859, Chipping Ongar, father given as Butler. Have b.c..Does Lewis originate from the married name of his aunt, Susannah, maybe his godmother, except that he does not seem to have been baptised!! No baptism record found.

1861 Ellen Annie Robinson born 25/1/1861 at Shelley, Ongar. No baptism record found. Have b.c . Father given as Butler Domestic Servant.

1861 Census.   Living at Three Hants Way, Beer House, Shelley, aged 26, butler, with a Ridgewell, shoemaker.

Francis  Roberson  26  lodger  Butler   b. Oxfordshire. Chilson
Elizabeth 21    b. Kent, Barham
Walter   18mths   b. Ongar
Ellen      1mth   b. Shelley

1863 Frank William Robinson born Mar 1863 Shelley, Ongar. Baptised 3 years later, 8/08/1866 in Stanford Rivers, parents Francis & Elizabeth Annie, abode Stanford Rivers, father an Innkeeper.

1864 Lisette Charlotte Robinson born, baptised 3/08/1864, Shelley Church, father, Francis, butler, abode Shelley. Birth registered Sep 1864 Ongar as Lizzette Charlotte. Have viewed Baptism record.

1865. Lizett Charlotte Robinson dies, Mar 1865 4a.60 Ongar. Was she born sickly?, in that she is the only child they have so far bothered to baptise. She was buried in Stanford Rivers on 30/1/1865 , aged 6 months, abode Stanford Rivers.

1865. Sometime from baptism of Lizette in August 1864 & before her death in January 1865, family moved from Shelley to Stanford Rivers (appox 8 miles south of Shelley). .

essex-shelley .


1865. Edwin Robinson born Dec 1865 at Stanford Rivers, Ongar. No baptism record. His b.c. would tell me Francis' occupation just after the move.

1866 Charles Howard Robinson born Dec 1866 at Stanford Rivers, Ongar. No baptism record.

1868 Florence Isabella Robinson born Mar 1868 at Stanford Rivers, Ongar. No baptism record.

1871 Census.   Living at Brook Cottages,[picture on Francis Robinson page] Stanford Rivers, Ongar.

Francis Robinson 39 Farmer of 40 acres employing 2 labs. b. Chilson
Ellen    b. Shelley
Frank    7   b. Shelley
Edwin   5 b. Stanford Rivers
Charles    b. Stanford Rivers
Florence    2   b. Stanford Rivers

 Elizabeth and son, Walter Robinson, 11, are missing from this listing. Elizabeth Robinson, 29, is in Barham, Kent, with her mother, but I cannot trace Walter.  So, family moved approx.8 miles south, from Shelley to Stanford Rivers between 1864 & 1865. Elizabeth is obviously back in Stanford Rivers before the end of the year, as

1872 George Thomas Robinson born at Stanford Rivers Sep 1872

The 4-6 eldest children would have attended Stanford Rivers school, 1865-1872: the 2008 occupants of Brook Cottage told me that school records exist, but the records are not in the ERO. Details of what husband Francis rented 1868-1873 are on his page.

1873-1874. Family seems to have left Stanford Rivers and moved, presumably directly, to Hatfield Broad Oak[ ~20 miles to the north, would need to know something about it in advance], where again Francis was an Innkeeper, of the Feathers, in 1874 & 1875.



1875.   Robert William Robinson born 5/07/1875. in Broad Street, Hatfield. Francis given as Innkeeper. Have b.c. So, family has again moved, to Hatfield Broad Oak between 1873 & 1875. There is a picture [with J. K.- does he actually have an old one?] of their house[pub?] in Hatfield Broad Oak - on Francis Robinson page.

1881 Census. Family is living at Broomfield Road, Clapham.

Francis Robinson    45 mar.   Stableman   b. Chilson
Edward     15  Errand boy. b. Stanford Rivers
Charles     14   b. Stanford Rivers
Florence   13  b. Stanford Rivers
George    8     b. Stanford Rivers
Robert   5     b. Heathfield, Essex. [ should read Hatfield]

Again Elizabeth is missing from this Census. Eldest children, Walter & Ellen Annie, are working in Fulham & Clapham.

1890. Her husband, Francis Robinson, dies in August at 155 Clapham Park Road. She is the informant on his d.c.

1891 Census. Living at 155, Park Road,Clapham, in 2 rooms, another family also at 155. .

Elizabeth Robinson  45 wid.  Housekeeper?  b. Hatfield
George   18 Groom       b. Hatfield 
Robert William  15   b. Hatfield      Paralysed from childhood.

[ Birthplaces wrong for Elizabeth & George. Robert's paralysis not mentioned in 1881C.]

1901Census Living at High Street, Colliers Wood, Mitcham.

Elizabeth A.Robinson 56 wid.  Monthly nurse   b. Barham
Robert W.       24     b. Hatfield   Paralysed from childhood.

1903. Elizabeth dies 9/4/1903 at 110 High Street Collierswood Mitcham, aged 59 [actually 65, but has 'lost' 6-7 yrs in both 1891 & 1901C.], widow of Frank Robinson, a Licensed Victualler [retired]. Cause of death: Mitral Disease. Hypertrophy of spleen. Cardiac Failure. Informant: Richard Marks, son-in-law, in attendance, Devonshire Cottage, Wandle Bank, Wimbledon, 11/4/1903. D.c. DR02. No Probate


What becomes of the paralysed Robert? He is the William Robinson buried in Mitcham Chuchyard,  aged 54, in 1929, for which I possess a burial card: I now have his d.c. DRO3. William Robert Robinson, of no occupation, of High Street, Colliers Wood Merton, on 11/03/1929, at 66a Queens Road [West Croydon], aged 54. Informant: C H Robinson, brother, in attendance, of 200 Leahurst Road Lewisham, on 12/03/1929.. Cause of Death: a. Influenza, b. Hydrocephalis. No P.M. So, he seems to have continued living in High Street, Colliers Wood [ though not necessarily in the same house] after his mother's death in 1903: so, could he look after himself all those years? 66a Queens Road was the Croyden Workhouse. Any records survived for this?

 Mystery to be solved: where is Elizabeth in 1881C.?? have searched thoroughly again Nov2009. My feeling is that the enumerator just failed to record her with her family.

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