David Sullivan c. 1805 –1857


I do not know the death year for David Sullivan, only that it was after 1851, not 1857 as I have above

July 2012. Roots ireland have made more records available online: http://www.rootsireland.ie/waterford/generic.php?filename=sources.tpl&selectedMenu=sources

1805 circa. Born Ireland, probably Waterford City [1851C]. A David Sullivan was baptised 30/11/1804 in St. John's, Waterford City, to Patrick Sullivan & Catherine Sullivan , sponsors Thomas McDonel & Margarita McGrath.- fiche P2446 NLI. . And on 19/2/1797, Patrick Sullivan married Catherine Murry in the same church. The fiche with baptisms is very faint in many places, but there was a son Thomas Sullivan baptised 30/12/1798, sponsors Andrew & Margarita Henessey , & on 18/8/1807 a Dominick?? / Daniel?? & Catarina to Patrick Sullivan , 7 May 1809 Ellen baptised to Patrick Sullivan. Years 1809-1814 then too faint to read. . I am doubtful as to whether I have the correct David Sullivan here - since he does not call any of his children Patrick - , but if the 1807 entry does indeed say Dominick, then this would be powerful evidence that it is indeed my David Sullivan. On the RootsIreland site, only one David Sullivan is shown baptised 1802-1812 , in St Johns, Waterford this in 1804 to Patrick Sulliavan & Catherine Sullivan ( another in 1806 in Trinity Without to Francis Sullivan & Margaret Power) and no Daniel/Dominick or anything similar is shown baptised to Patrick. I also looked at P2444, Holy Trinity, Waterford: this had baptisms 1800-1805 but none of a David Sullivan. It also had marriages 1819-1827 but no Sullivans. And at P2447 for ? church Waterford: this had no baptisms 1801-1828 but 1781 Catherine to William Sullivan & Anna Fitzgerald: 1782, Thomas to Timothy Sullivan & Maria Brien; 1783 David to David/Denis Sullivan & Sara Fennell; 1784 Johanna to Patrick Sullivan & Anna Donovan - tape very messy! No Sullivan marriages 1824-26. No baptism on Irishgen site

I have also investigated a baptism for a Joseph Sullivan, as he is a godparent in 1836 to Dominick. Found none on the above 3 fiches. But on RootsIreland site I can see that a Joseph Sullivan was baptised 1800-1810 but not to a Patrick [ maybe to a Pat or some other variation??]

1825 circa. Marries Anne Walsh. We do not know if this was in Ireland or England . No IGI entry. No seeming marriage in Waterford City or surrounds [expensive Heritage Centre Search!- Feb 2009, but not sure how complete their records are!., but also I searched fiches 2444, 2447 and 2446 in 2012], so suspect it was probably in England: LMA records do not apply as it would have been a Catholic wedding; nearest Catholic church to the Lambeth / Southwark births of his children is St. Georges R.C. church and the sacristan there, Bernard Cullen, has very helpfully provided the following baptisms for 5 of their known 6 children in March 2012, but their marriage is not there 1824-1827. But, as Bernard Cullen has pointed out to me, marriages in Catholic Churches in England were not recognised as legal at this time, so their marriage could have been in a Protestant church in England, and probably in London area. But not on London Protestant marriages 1754-1921. Could it have been in Waterford County, but outside the actual city, in the home village of Anne Walsh?, whose birth I do not know.

There is a marriage of David Sullivan to Ann Welch (but she signs her names We/alsh and a witness is William Walsh) in Cheltenham, St Mary, on 25/7/1825, both of the parish - Ancestry

1826 - 1838. At least 6 children born, first in Clapham, then in Lambeth.

1826 Joseph Sullivan. Born. 26-4-1826. Baptised 21-5-1826 in St. George's R.C. Church, Joseph Sullivan son of David & Ann Sullivan (nee Welsh) God parents Michael Stack & Anastasia Egan.  Rev. D. McDonnell Ref. 2228 - 1826. Have searched 1841C for these godparents - no luck. But in 1851C, a Michael Stack, 39, tanner, b. Ireland.. And in 1861C, born Ireland, Mackpool, Cty Cork . Seems to have died by 1871C.

Ancestry Findlay Family Tree - home person is descended from Joseph Sullivan 1827. The mother of this home person has common ggggrandparents with me- David Sullivan 1806 & Anne Walsh

1827/8 David Sullivan. No baptism found. Still no Catholic London records online -2018

1831 Ann Sullivan Born 26-7-1831 Baptised 21-8-1831 St. Georges RCC Ann daughter of David & Ann Sullivan (Walsh). God parents William Walsh & Ann Doyle.Rev. J. Radford.  Ref. 509 - 1831.

1834 John Sullivan Born 12-7-1834 baptised 3-8-1834  St. Georges RCC, John, son of David & Ann Sullivan (Walsh). God parents James Walsh & Margaret Downey. Rev. J. White.  Ref 2456-1834. I suspect that godparents William & James Walsh were brothers of Anne.- so 1825 Cheltenham marriage could be his

1836 Dominick Sullivan. Born 2-12- 1836. He was baptised 15-1-1837 in St. George's R.C. Church, Dominic Sullivan son of David & Ann Sullivan (nee Walsh). God parents Joseph Sullivan & Catherine Powers.  Rev. Thomas Doyle Ref. 4043 - 1837. Could this Joseph Sullivan be the above Joseph 1826?? - I doubt it. There is a Joseph Sullivan, 25, thus b. 1816 Ireland in 1841C. Then a Joseph, 30, thus b.1821 in 1851C, by now married to a Mary, 26, both born Waterford , with son John 1 & Honora Barnett 60, widow, mother-in-law . Marriage would thus seem to be to a Mary Barnett in Mar 1850 4 467 Geo St South, but no entry for her on Bmd marriages for this quarter. And cannot find any Honora Barnett or variation in 1841C. Joseph, 38, so now born 1823!, still in 1861C, with wife Mary, both born Waterford, John 11, Mary 9 and Ellisah 8. 1871C, Joseph, 54, thus born 1817!, just born Ireland, with same family, and younger children Derick? 10 and Bridget 6. Seemingly this Joseph has died by 1881- probably, aged 58, in Mar 1879 St Olaves : this would have him born ~1820!. Anyway, this Joseph, born 1817- 1822 , Waterford, is likely a younger brother of David~1805: I failed to find his baptism in St. Johns Chapel, Waterford, fiche P2446 in NLI, which is where David 1804 was maybe baptised to Patrick Sullivan & Catherine Murry. But, over half this fiche is completely illegible!

1838. 02/12/1838. Katherine probably their last child, born at 77, Princes Road, Lambeth. Father given as plasterer. Have b.c.BS2 . Mother Ann Walsh shown without the e. She was also baptised 27/1/1839 in St. George's R.C. Church, Catherine Sullivan daughter of David & Ann Sullivan (nee Walsh) God Parents David Sullivan & Mary Ann Doyle.  Rev. J. White Ref. 675 - 1839. Have searched 1841 & 1851C for Mary Ann Doyle - one exists born~1816, married to a William Doyle in 1841C, but then in 1851C, neither of them born Ireland.


So, baptisms exist for all his children in St. George's RCC other than for David 1828.

1841 Census. David Sullivan, 35, plasterer, living in Princes Rd., Lambeth, with his wife and 6 children.

David Sullivan 35 plasterer b. Ireland. Waterford City in 1851C.
Anne 35 b. Ireland.
Joseph 15 born Surrey Clapham from 1851C
David 13 born Surrey . Lambeth in 1851& 1861Cs, Clapham in 1871C
Ann 10 born Surrey
John 6 born Surrey . Lambeth 1851C
Dominick 4 born Surrey . Lambeth 1851C
Catherine 2 born Surrey registered as Katherine, b. Lambeth


1845. An Anne Sullivan, 35, dies Baker Street, Lambeth & was buried 5/10/1845 - have d.d.on herpage - almost certainly his wife

1850. Sons, Joseph & David marry, the latter in a C of E.

1851 Census. I think he is the David Lulivan [a mistranscription- entry says Sulivan] living as a lodger, aged 45, plasterer, at 47, Paradise Street, Lambeth[ [p.14 of 35, district 13] ,with birth given as Waterford City, Ireland. Only thing wrong is it seems to show married rather than widower.

Can find no ref. to his wife Anne Sullivan and she seems to have died as Kate,1838, is now living with her brother, Joseph. So almost certain the 1845 death is that of his wife

Alternatively David Sullivan could be in the St. Marylebone Workhouse, aged 44, labourer, married, born Limerick. .

Can find no mention of a death for David, no entry on Bmd 1841-1851 Lambeth & all Surrey, and he appears to be alive in Oct.,1850 at the wedding of son, David, to Jane Richards, for which I have m.c.- but have found several instances of the omission of 'deceased'

Two of his sons, John and Dominick, are in the House of Correction at Westminster.

Son, Joseph Sullivan, has married Mar 1850, St. George, Southwark, and, in 1851C, is living, modeler & plasterer, 24, b. Clapham, with wife, Emma Smither, 22, 3mth old Joseph and sister, Kate, 12, b.Lambeth, in Alfred Place, Southwark. This would certainly indicate that Kate's mother, Anne, had died. Unfortunately, marriage is not in London Parish Records, suggesting a Catholic or Registry Office service, so not able to see if father, David, is seemingly still alive.

Do not know what happened to daughter Ann, c1831.

1857. Son Joseph and family emigrate to Victoria . Kate was not with them : Jumpin Ancestry tree has Kate marrying Charles J Varlet, a cook, 1/8/1858, in Boughton Aluph Kent in 1861 C & then dying in 1861

The recorded death of a David Sullivan in St. George, Southwark, in ‘Sep’, 1857, ref. 1d.84. is/was an Index mistranscription: the entry actually says Denis, aged 6 months, 11/7/1857 Southwark ! Have this wrong d.c - entry now removed from BMD !!. So, still no idea when David died. He could have followed Joseph out to Australia, or even returned to Ireland. And there is a David Sullivan buried in ChristChurch Southwark on 16/9/1857 - no age or address given , image on Ancestry family tree BUT, no BMD entry to match this!!

There is a David Sullivan though dies Pancras Mar 1857 , & another Whitechapel Mar 1857

Most - 6- Ancestry Trees are from Australia - descendants of son Joseph who emigrated: all these trees perpetuate the same myths/inaccuracies!!

Several other deaths, 1841-1871 : one is Jun 1853 Sullivan David Croydon 2a 101. BUY this sometime .: also 2 in St. Pancras Jun 1855: one St.Giles Sep 1853 and several others Chelsea, Shoreditch ,Stepney & Poplar. Ancestry - 1852 death Kensington is for a 1yr old: 1853 death Newington is for a 1 yr old - neither of these seemingly on BMD!!.. Ordered 1842 & then 1843 d.c. for wife, Ann[e] to see if David still alive then, but these were both wrong! Lots of London Ann Sullivan d.cs! No deaths of David O'Sullivan either 1841-1851. Thought LMA search would be fruitful and might also give an English marriage , probably 1824-1826., - but would need a Catholic Church for this!.

Another possibility is that he emigrated to Australia with eldest son Joseph, but can not find an Australian immigration record to support this theory. .


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