Susannah Morrell     1805 - 1880


1805. Born in High Roothing [ 3miles from G.D.] 1805/6. Baptised 6/1/1806 Susan, parents John & Susan Morrell.


1824. Gave birth to a son John Morrell, baptised in G.D 17/12/1824 Image 49 D/P 11/1/7 'John son of Susan Morrell, by William Saville, farmer' written for the baptism record. So birth before the marriage.

1824 On the same day, 17/10/1824 Susannah Morrell married widower William Savill in Great Dunmow . He was 42, she was 18. Image 38 of D/P 11/1/11. Witnesses John Smith & Benjamin Cheek- likely the church clerk.. Can only assume the parish priest insisted that her son was labelled as 'illegitimate", as surely they could have baptised him a week later?!

1826. 19 Nov . Mary Anne Savill baptised to William & Susannah . She is buried, aged 4, in Barnston, 30/12/1830. Presumably this Savill burial was in Barnston, although baptisms & marriage in G.D, as previous generations of Savills had been buried there. I find it odd that no Savill tombs remain there today! Likely destroyed in a Church yard re-arrangement in the 1950s/1960s.

1828 31/8/1828 Sarah Ann Savill baptised . .William & Susannah, farmer

1830. 4/4/1830 Elizabeth Savill baptised . . . William & Susannah, farmer

1832..9/10/1832 Susannah Savill baptised . . William & Susannah

1834 .5 /10/1834 Emma Savill baptised . . . .William & Susannah , farmer

183613/11/1836 Frances Savill baptised . . .William & Susannah, farmer .

1839. 14/4/1839 Louisa Savill baptised . . . William & Susannah, farmer, abode Dunmow . . all in G.D.

1841 census, the family living in Onslow Green, Great Dunmow. This ~3miles south of Great Dunmow. All born Essex.

William  Savill  54    Farmer
Susannah  36  
John   15  
Sarah   11  
Elizabeth    9  
Susannah 7  
Emma       5  
Frances     3  
Louisa    1     
Mary Rolfe  54 Independent

1842 last son Thomas Rolfe Savill was baptised 1/1/184 3in G. D to William & Susanna, he a farmer, abode Dunmow. Susanna was 37 years old here.

Thus 8 out of 9 of her children survived infancy.

1843. Her husband William dies, aged 62, farmer, at Great Dunmow, 20/9/1843 : buried in Barnston 27/9/1843. He left a will - obtained from ERO 2011

1848. Susannah Savill down as Farmer & Owner of Apton-field in White's 1848 Great Dunmow Trade directory .

1849.Mary Rolfe, an aunt of her dead husband William, dies. She is buried at Barnston 28/12/1849, aged 70, abode given as Great Dunmow-although this could still be Aptonfield, Onslow Green, I suspect that she and Susannah Savill had already moved permanently to Great Dunmow town. She leaves a Will. - estate of £450. Look up Dunmow Rates sometime in ERO

1851 William down on daughter Elizabeth's marriage certificate as a labourer. This is odd, probably a mistake, as everywhere else he appears as farmer and family is relatively well off on his death in 1843.

1861C. Susannah Savill, 55, landed proprietress, & 2 children, Louisa & Thomas, are living in New Street, Great Dunmow District 4, page 20 - her daughter Elizabeth , now Mead, is on page 12

Susannah  Savill 55     Landed proprietress   b High Roothing, Essex
Louisa       22     b.Great Dunmow
Thomas     18 Tailor b.Great Dunmow

Also next door in New Street, a Samuel Morell  36, Fur Carrier, b. Gt.Dunmow. From1841C, he seems to the son of a Samuel (& Unity) Morrell b.~1800. The elder Samuel Morrell could be her elder brother, another child of John & Susan??

Where are her daughters Susannah, Sarah, Emma & Frances? - have searched exhaustively for mistranscriptions but last 3 not found. They are certainly not in Districts 4 or 5, mistranscribed!! Districts 2, 3, & 6 still to search!!. Maybe they were just omitted by the enumerator.

1865. She, Susannah Savill writes her Will

1871 Census.Susanna Savill, 65, Landowner, living in New Street, Dunmow with Louisa, 31., who is said to be 'Affected with Fits'! District 4, page 11.

1880. Susannah Savill dies, March 22, buried Gt.Dunmow March 29, aged 75. Do not have the d.c. She left a will: proved on 24/06/1880. 'The will of Susannah Savill, late of G.D., widow, who died 22 March 1880, by Thomas Rolfe Savill, tailor, the son, & George Barrett, carman of Blackfriars [ He was the husband of Frances!]. Personal estate under £200.' This is quite a lot at that time.


No grave has been found for her in G. D churchyard

1881 Census, Louisa Savill , 42 and Sarah A. Savill, 52, still living in New Street, from Rent of Cottages. No comment on Louisa on this Census.

1891 census. No trace of Louisa & Sarh. Thomas [having produced 5 sons] dies in 1888, Louisa dies in 1890 & Sarah dies in 1884. See CHILDREN OF WILLIAM SAVILL


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