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. This page contains info. from Thomas & Colin Robinson. All the baptisms and marriages and deaths were found in parish records by them . Colin has also written his Robinson Story

Samuel Francis Hands Robinson was baptised on 15 Nov 1801 [within 3 months of his parents' marriage] in Shorthampton, Oxfordshire, England, to parents Richard Robinson and Charlotte Hands. He married Ann Treadwell on 13 Dec 1821 in Shorthampton, Oxfordshire, England. She was born in 1801 in Pudlicote to parents George Tredwell & Elizabeth Cooper, who married 15/8/1793 in Shorthampton and had 3 other children: William 1794, Thomas 1796 & George 1804..


Shorthampton Church - All Saints - in 2006- Thomas Robinson photo.

Francis, as he always called himself, was a farm labourer, then a carrier, then a cow and calf dealer. Farm hands often turned to carrying during slack periods, transporting local traders' goods by horse and cart or packhorse. By 1826, they were living at Thorngreen Farm, on the north side of the River Evenlode, a little way west of Pudlicote House.

Thorngreen Copse is shown on the 1885 map as being to the north of Ascott corn mill, but there doesn't seem to be a copse or a farm there now, possibly a barn. Perhaps Thorngreen was where the Treadwells lived.

All the following baptisms were in All Saints Church, Shorthampton, a listed building since 1957 and often referred to as All Saints Chilson!

Tablet to right of
NOVEMBER 1ST,/ALL SAINTS DAY". The 1902-3 restoration was carried out at the
expense of Mr. V.J. Watney of Cornbury Park

1823. Edwin Robinson baptised 9/2/1823 in Chilson.

1823. Elizabeth Robinson baptised 18/11/1823. Buried 13/11/1840. both in Chilson.

1826. Walter Robinson baptised 20/3/1826. Lived in Thorn Green, Oxfordshire, England.[ from Colin] .

1829. Jane Robinson baptised 1/2/1829 in Chilson.

1831. Richard James Robinson baptised 30/5/1831 in Chilson.

1834. Francis Robinson baptised 17/8/1834 in Chilson.

1838. Isabella Charlotte Robinson born 31/08/1838 in Chilson. Parents Francis& Ann [neeTredwell] Robinson. Father carrier. Informant Ann Robinson X, mother on 2/09/1838. Have b.c. BR1. Baptised 28/6/1840 in Chilson - if this correct a long time gap here and she would have been baptised alongside her younger sister Ann.!.


1840. Ann Robinson born Jun 1840. Baptised 28/6/1840 in Chilson.

Also both his parents died: Richard Robinson, 1775, a farm labourer, died of apoplexy at the age of 65. Buried, 20/9/1840 Chilson. Charlotte Robinson, 1783,, died 12 days later, of ulceration of the stomach, buried 2/10/1840 Chilson. Info. prob. from Colin Robinson.

Hamlet of Chilson 2006, photo Thomas Robinson

1841C. Living in Chilson, Charlbury, Oxon. A Calf/Cattle dealer, with his wife and 7 of the 8 children born to them: Elizabeth 1823 having died in 1840.

1851C. . Still in Chilson,[district 11, page 15 of 16] , now a Carrier, with 4 of his children still at home.

Isabella is probably a visitor, called Charlote, aged 13, staying with a William Robinson, single, and his niece, Rachel, 24, in Ramsden. This Rachel marries her elder brother,Walter, later in 1851.

Edwin married Eliza Faulkner in Sep 1844 in Oxford and is living in Oxford.

Son Francis 16 working as a groom at Over Norton: see his page.

1861C. Living with his son Walter in Swan Yard, Summertown, Oxford , district 13.. His son the publican of the Swan since 1854. Family still at the Swan in 1864-Kellys. The area was very run down.

1869. Family had moved to the White Hart at Wolvercote - Kellys.


1871C. Still living with son Walter, now in Wolvercote. At The White Hart, public House near Green Shop. Walter has 53 acres and employs 2 men.

1875. His wife, Ann [Tredwell], died from gangrene. She had had an ulcerated leg for many years. Buried 10/1/1875 Wolvercote. Think Colin might have this and 1879 Francis d.cs. Who were the informants? Buried in Wolvercote Graveyard.

1879. He,as Francis Robinson ,died 13/8/1879, of bronchitis, old age and exhaustion .Aged 79 Sep 1879 Woodstock 3a 374 . Buried 15/8/1879 Wolvercote Graveyard - church below. The present Wolvercote Cemetery, which houses Tolkien's 1974 grave, seems to have commenced in 1889, so am not sure where these 2 graves would be: maybe in the graveyard at the church?

wolvercote church .

1880. His son Walter Robinson died 23/9/1880


His ggggranddaughter, Chris, actually lived in Chadlington, just 1 mile from Shorthampton Church, from 1987 - 1996, without knowing this origen of the Robinsons [ of whom, Ellen Annie,1861 - 1928, she had heard spoken of so fondly by her mother, Joan Turner,1915 -2006. Alas this fact was only discovered in 2007!]  Shorthampton Church was then very rarely used: just for services like Candlelit Carols.

' All Saints[Shorthampton] is a church without a village; it seems forgotten by time, beside the farmhouse that is all that remains of Shorthampton'

View over Shorthampton 2006 - photo Thomas Robinson

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