Samuel Parchment 1789 - 1861


Correction: Elizabeth born & baptised Witham 1780 . Also a William, born & baptised Witham 1782 to William & Elizabeth, who dies 1786 . Not sure whether siblings John, Mary & Sarah existed!

Note: William, baptised Bocking 1796, was likely buried Bocking on 31/12/1809, aged 13 - IGI

Born ~1789, Witham, Essex [ from 1851 & 1861 C entries]. Did not find a Baptism entry for him nor for his definite brother James, ~1792, in the Witham register Did a re-search D/P 30/1/3, Witham Baptisms 1743-1793 - now digitised - in Nov 2011. Also D/NB 18/4/1 Protestant Dissenter Births 1785-1837 - but this not connected with Bocking!!. Have also searched Bocking baptisms D/P 268/1/3 1786-1793, images 130- 137 for him and brother James as brother William was baptised 1796 in Bocking Ind. Chapel - IGI - seemingly no records for this in ERO, just Sunday school & papers for D /NC - this odd, where did IGI record come from??? . Might ? just be Independent records in the Latter Day Saints , Kensington?? - C06710-1, microfilm 593806. Still to look at 2015- not in Kensington in 2014!. Neither Samuel nor James were baptised in Black Notley- images 56-59.Nor in White Notley , images 23-25. Nor in Rivenhall, images 25-28 Nor in Cressing, images 23-25 Nor in Terling, images 130-135

The following was sent me from Australia by Carol Keam: "I have some notes from Dorothy Margaret Law,1918-1989, the granddaughter of Charlotte Parchment, 1869-1944, which read: italics are my comments

June 14, 1789 - Sam Parchment not found baptised in Witham
April 14, 1792 - James Parchment - Died
Nov. 1, 1795 - John Parchment
July 2, 1779 - Elizabeth Parchment I - Died - she seemingly not ours : it was an Elizabeth baptised 21/2/1778, daughter of James & Elizabeth, who died
July 18, 1780 - Elizabeth Parchment II - Born - Image 33 of D/P 30/1/3 has Elizabeth born to Will & Eliz Feb 1780
Jan 3, 1782 - William Parchment - Died - Image 34 of D/P 30/1/3 has William born to Will & Eliz Feb 1780 . . . Died 1786 Aug3 Wm son of Wm Sparchment shoemaker . Image 103 of D/P 30/1/2
May 8, 1782 - Mary Parchment - Died
July 22, (no year) - Sarah Parchment - Died.}".}
. .. . . Sentences in italics are my notes.

I feel this information must have been gathered from the Family Bible that Queenie - granddaughter of Elizabeth Parchment 1860 - once had: this Bible was lost when Queenie's daughter Lynn went to get it rebound probably in the 1990s. Dorothy Law visited England around 1989.

I feel Samuel's parents were William Parchment, b.1745-1754, & Elizabeth Amiss/Amyes who married in Witham 21/04/1778. Image 50 of D/P 30/1/6. Both given as of Witham Parish, both could write & witnesses were William & Mary Potto. James Parchment, 1792, has shoemaker down as his occupation on his 1841 marriage to Sophia Hitchcock in Spitalfields.[have. m.c.]. William Parchment, c1745-54??, was indentured to a Thomas Thoroughgood in 1761 [but as a shoemaker?]. Also there is a 1796 baptism record [ just IGI] for supposed brother,William, and his father is William Parchment, shoemaker, but no mother named! The only flaw in this argument would be if there were 2 Williams c1754, both shoemakers, and that [Samuel & James] and William1796 were not therefore brothers. But I feel it is reasonable to assume that James 1792 learnt shoemaking from his father. I have proved that James 1792 & my Samuel 1789 were definitely brothers.

Have since-2009- got a Parchment tree from Paul Deacon that goes back to James ~1719, with names Samuel & William in the family, but cannot tell if these are direct ancestors. Need to research Witham reg isters 1730 onwards - have now done so ad nauseam!!!.


St. Mary the Virgin, Bocking, Church 2008. Samuel & his wife buried here 1861.

1807. In a house to house survey D/P 268/18/1- perused this in September 2014- in Bocking in 1807 there is a widow Parchment in Bradford St. with 2 FEMALES aged under 15, her husband, William Parchment ~1754?, having prob. died in 1801 [see EARLIER PARCHMENTS]. G.Lewis thought it said 2 Males & that it was almost certainly Elizabeth with James~15 and William,11. If so, maybe our Samuel, aged ~19, has already joined the East Essex Militia, a unit that could be posted anywhere in the United Kingdom, then including all Ireland, whilst the Army was abroad with the Napoleonic Wars

Also for 1793. D/P 268/18/2 Gives names and occupations of all Bocking householders and number of each sex, and numbers over 70 and under 15 years of age in each house, set out by streets and districts. Includes alphabetical list of householders.
Each name is marked 'C' or 'D', probably indicating church or dissenter. Looked at this in September 2014 and no Parchments there then but maybe William an Elizabeth were still in Witham then??

" In 1808 the EEM moved from Chelmsford to Harwich for 15 mths. Then to Norman's Cross and back to Essex for the winter. In Jan 1811 they were in Harwich again. In Portsmouth June 1811. They embarked for Ireland in March 1814. Upon Napoleon's abdication [ 4/4/1814 ] they were recalled, having been in Mullingar. In Nov 1815 they were stationed at Roscommon. They then left for Waterford, were transferred to Chatham and reached Essex again in Jan 1816. They were then disembodied at Colchester"

1815 Oct. 24, married to Brigett McGann, [of Ballinafad, Sligo -from 1851C] , in Roscommon. A protestant ceremony. This marriage is in the inside cover of a Braintree marriages book [ERO]. Seemingly no Roscommon C of I records as early as this - to see if anything else recorded.

"I hereby certify that Samuel Parchment of the East Essex Militia was married to Bridget McGann in the parish church of Roscommon on the 24th day of October 1815 according to the rites and ceremonies of the united church of Ireland". Thos. Blakeney, vicar of Roscommon


This seemingly The Church of Ireland St. Coman's Church- photo below. Roscommon parish records are now online but only start after this: 1850?

roscommon-church-int .roscommon-map

I thus know that Samuel Parchment was in the East Essex Militia in 1814 & 1815 at least.

I visited Roscommon in April 2012. St. Coman's Church was locked but I took photos of the exterior -below. I also visited the now deserted building that was once the Barracks -photo on right. I also visited Boyle, only a few miles south of Ballinafad, and saw its Barracks. My feeling is that maybe Samuel was posted to Boyle at some stage and this was where he met Bridget from Ballinafad. Alternatively she might have been in service or working as a nurse in Roscommon.

roscommon1 .roscommon2 .roscommon3 .roscommon4 .roscommon5

1818.Mary Parchment baptised 26/7/1818 St.Marys Bocking -D/P 268/1/8, image 26, -to Samuel, labourer, & Bridget Parchment . Mary Sparchment dies, aged 10, .Buried 10/08/1828, Braintree D/P 264/1/32 image 56

1822    Caroline Parchment baptised 28/4/1822 St.Marys Bocking -D/P 268/1/8, image 40 -to Samuel, labourer, & Bridget Parchment & vanishes after appearing in the 1841C & being a witness at her brother's wedding in Sep 1842.. Might have died in Keynsham [near Bristol] in 1847.

1822. Samuel Parchment is shown as one of the tenants in a property in Bocking left by a Daniel Teader to one of his daughters[G.L] Cannot find what ref. I need to access this- searched again in 2014. .

1824  Samuel  Parchment baptised in Bocking 29/2/1824 to Samuel, labourer, & Bridget Parchment, Bocking. -D/P 268/1/8, image 47. . Dies in 1885.

1826 Sarah Sparchment buried on Nov 4, 3 days old.[ERO Braintree - D/P 264/1/32 image 49 ]. No baptism found Bocking , checked again 2012 or Braintree - presumably too young to have been baptised.

So, family moves from using Bocking Church to using Braintree Church 1824-1826.. No Braintree baptisms found 1825-1828.

Jan 2012 Braintree registers , baptism & burial, 1813- , at last on Essex Ancestry!!

1828/9. James Sparchment/Pharchment born. Baptised 25/03/1829, seemingly over a year after his birth, Braintree [D/P 264/1/23, image 67], child of Samuel & Brigett . Samuel a silkweaver, abode Braintree. So, Samuel took up silkweaving 1824-1828.

1830. Above James Sparchment dies. Buried 3/05/1830, aged 2yr 3mth. Braintree - thus seemingly born 1828

1831   William Parchment born. Christened 29/07/1831, Braintree.[ERO], child of Samuel & Brigett Parchment. Samuel is a silkweaver, abode Braintree. D/P 264/1/23, image 79. Need a picture of Braintree Church.

1833  James Parchment born Braintree.[ from 2 censuses - another says Bocking] . No baptism found there YET Braintree D/P 264/1/23, searched to end 1837 & D/P 264/1/24 up to image 20, 1840.

& not found in Witham [rechecked online images 81-102, 1832-1836] ,Black Notley[ checked images 20-28, 1831-1839, D/P 150/1/5] or Bocking records - these rechecked Nov 2011. Where else could he have been baptised?? Also searched Gt Leighs - images 27-30 1832-1835, Bradford juxta Coggeshall, Rayne, White Notley & Stisted

So Samuel & Bridgett baptised all their children born 1818-1831, with the exception of Sarah who died 1826 aged just 3 days. This would suggest that James 1833 might have been baptised elsewhere.

1841 Census.   Living 'opposite Bucks Wood Farm', Black Notley, [today a part of Braintree], Witham, Braintree. All born Essex apart from Eliz. More detailed map needed here

map-black notley

Samuel Parchment  50   Silk Weaver
Elizabeth       45    b.Ireland
Caroline  20  Silk Fac?
Samuel     15   Silk Weaver
William   10  
James 5     
.[I do not know why Brigett appears on this as Elizabeth, but Samuel certainly only has the one wife through to his death in 1861, and Bridgett has appeared as Bridget / Brigett on all the baptisms found for their children].

Ages on this census likely mainly [but Caroline even still 19, baptised in 1822] are rounded down to the nearest 5.

Thus Samuel & Brigett Parchment have probably had 7 children, of whom only 4 survive infancy,[ Mary, 10, Sarah 0, & a James, 2, dying], all baptised except Sarah 3 days & James~1833.

1851 Census.  Living in Rayne Rd., Bocking, Braintree.

Samuel  Parchment  62   Hawker      b. Witham
Bridgett    58  Nurse      b. Sligo, Ballinafad
James   18  Handloom Weaver-silk   b. Braintree

1852. Samuel Parchment given as a Labourer on son William's m.c.

Between 1854 & 1857, sons Samuel ( between 1854 & 1856), William [ between 1856 & 1857] & James [by 1858 ] moved to Bethnal Green, still as silk workers, whilst he and Bridgett stayed in Bocking. Either he had become insufficiently dextrous to continue silkweaving or there was no longer the possibility to do home weaving in Braintree. Probably the former, because he has given up by 1851 when his 3 sons were still silk weavers there in Braintree.

1857. Given as a Weaver on his son James' m.c.

1861 Census. Living, alone, in Bradford St., East Side, Bocking.

          Samuel    Parchment      72     Hawker of jumble                 b.Witham .

 And, in the Braintree Union Workhouse, Bocking

           Bridget    Parchment      66   Pauper, formerly Nurse. b.Ireland.

Braintree Union admission & discharge records do not exist for this year: The Braintree Union Workhouse it sited on a Seax map as on the North side of Rayne Road before its junction with Bocking End, Stane Street and Bank Street . Bocking End then runs northwoods into Bradford Street. Once thought that G.L. /ERO might have her Admission or Death record from the Infirmary, but this seems wrong

  1861. 27/04/1861. Bridget Parchment dies, Union Workhouse Bocking, aged 65, Wife of Samuel Parchment, Hawker of Fruit, Dropsy-2months. Death registered by Susan Weavers, present at the Death, Union Workhouse Bocking. Have d.c.DP1. Susan Weavers was a 76yr old nurse working in the Braintree Workhouse in 1861C. Dropsy -maybe an accumulation of water in the legs - -edema

Bridget Parchment, Age 68 Years, Buried on the 1st May 1861, in Plot Number 6 Section B3 R1,
 in  Braintree Council's Bocking Cemetery.    

1861. Less than 3 months after his wife's death, Samuel Parchment dies, 17/07/1861, Bradford Street, Bocking, aged 73, Hawker of Confectionary, Disease of Heart - 3 months. Death registered by Elizabeth King, Bradford Street, Bocking. Have d.c.DP2   Elizabeth King, 30, laundress, is living 5 doors away in 1861C.

Samuel Parchment, Age 73 Years, Buried on the 22nd July 1861, in Plot Number 7 Section B3 R1,
 in Bocking Cemetery. This is the plot next to his wife's.
Braintree Council have no record as to whether anyone bought the plots or whether they were common plots. So,a pauper's grave,or not? I suspect the former.

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